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The Green Recovery

The key to responding to the economic crisis is investment in the future, in clean energies to create new jobs and make the planet more sustainable.


The Covid-19 emergency has highlighted the vulnerability of our development model, according to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. The choices that will be made in the coming months to kick-start the global economy will be decisive in establishing whether there will be a return to the errors of the past or if we look to a new development model, one that is more sustainable, fairer, more resilient and long-lasting.

Crises can give rise to opportunities: a green recovery to support the economic rebound, creating new jobs and combating climate change, investing in the future of new generations. How? By focusing on renewable energies and energy efficiency, decarbonization and the electrification of new sectors, and the circular economy for sustainable development. A fair energy transition that leaves no one behind and that also takes into account the communities whose economies depend on fossil fuels, as well as those at risk of energy poverty. To safeguard health, the economy and the climate together, the response to the current health crisis and the climate emergency must be a joint project. Such an opportunity is very unlikely to arise again.

The green solutions

1. Accelerating the spread of renewables

2. Decarbonization

3. A fair transition for all

4. The circular economy and sustainability

EGP for the Green Recovery

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