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Sustainability is our watchword

Sustainability is our watchword

A no-nonsense, measurable and multi-faceted approach leads to sustainability and the Creating Shared Value model, as it changes for the best the lives of people and communities where we operate.

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Goal 5: Female energy will close the gender gap
Connecting Energies, a reboot for our solidarity initiative
Goal 5: a role model for the female engineers of tomorrow
Alisha Raghoonanan
GOAL 5: empowering women through agrivoltaics
Melina Taprantzi
Protecting biodiversity is an opportunity for sustainable development
Goal 5: the KAPADA project, empowering rural India\u2019s women weavers
Gilberto Gil and the Green Power of Music
The Red Dirt wind farm in Oklahoma is breathing new life into the local economy
Here\u2019s how we\u2019re working towards a just transition
Protecting bees while creating value: mission accomplished, in Kafireas