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Sustainable Plants

Sustainable Plants

They are respectful of biodiversity, integrated into the local area and beneficial to the ecosystem. These are Enel Green Power’s sustainable plants which, in addition to producing clean energy through innovation, generate a positive impact on the environment.


Sustainable Plants, the challenge of innovation and integration

The energy produced by Enel Green Power’s plants is more than renewable. Thanks to the adoption of a combination of actions and best practices that minimize their environmental impact and maximize performance, bringing economic and social benefits to the local communities, the energy becomes truly sustainable.

Find out about our model

The Sustainable Plant one year on: a strategic model for the entire EGP value chain

12,574 best practices implemented in 2020, with an impact on 11 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The first (excellent) results of Enel Green Power’s model for improving our plants’ environmental and social performance.

A journey to our sustainable plants

The sustainability value chain in our plants

Every time we build a new power plant, we start by listening to everyone who's involved in the project: stakeholders, employees, local communities and institutions. Find out more about this process here: