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The Catania Innovation Lab

Technologies for renewable sources come about through a process of constant innovation and an endless search for the best solutions to produce clean energy in an effective and efficient way.

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The Catania Innovation Lab is a place open to anyone committed to this journey to improve existing technologies and to the search for new paths not yet explored.

“Open innovation is written in the DNA of the Innovation Lab, both in the working method in the laboratories and in its approach to the research and development of new technologies.”


The collaborations between the various players in our centre’s spaces creates a synergistic ecosystem between the research world and the entrepreneurial side that can facilitate the process of new job creation.

Our Catania centre was founded to give shape to new solutions that combine renewable technologies and the potential offered by Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.


“The Innovation Lab is closely linked to the Enel Innovation Hubs in Israel, USA, Russia, Spain, Brazil and Chile. It’s a meeting place for the best in the field of innovative technologies.”


We select start-ups by evaluating their technological potential as regards originality, level of development and business model.

We choose the innovative entities whose projects present perspectives in synergy with our business and we favour teams that have established entrepreneurial experience and technical know-how in line with our goals.

The Innovation Lab is the centre of a network of partnerships and carries out Enel Green Power’s natural vocation of collaborating with start-ups and innovative companies to explore new energy frontiers with increasing efficacy and speed.

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