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Renewable energy for a sustainable future

Renewable energy for a sustainable future

We seek out energy around the globe: in the power of wind and water, in the heat of the sun, in the depths of the earth and, above all, in people.

Enel Green Power in the world

We manage more than 1,300 power plants on five continents.  We’re present with assets in operation or under construction in 19 countries and development activities in a further 5 countries.

Our mission

Enabling progress with sustainable energy

We promote electrification and sustainable energy by looking after people and the environment. Sustainability means value for everyone involved. That’s why we develop strong relationships with consumers, partners, investors, institutions and local communities.

Discover our soul, our distinctive way to make things happen.

About us

Welcome to a greener world

Step by step, day by day, we’re leading the way in the energy transition. 


Our company

We produce energy from renewable resources across 5 continents and offer innovative sustainable business solutions.

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Management Team

Corporate organization: the faces and stories of the people who lead our work.

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Innovability®, the beating heart of our strategy

We create shared value by innovating, which we can only do by being open to what the world around us has to offer. Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of our work, two fully integrated cores guiding all of our actions. Innovability is the vision we’ve chosen to achieve one large goal: a new era of zero-emissions energy to make the world a better place for everyone.



We use cutting edge solutions to enhance performance, competitivity and safety.

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The Shared Value Creation model and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals drive our business strategies.

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