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Davide Procopio

People and Organization

Davide Procopio is Head of People and Organization at Enel Green Power & Thermal Generation, the Enel business line that deals with power generation from conventional and renewable sources.

He joined Enel in 2010 and his first assignment was in Planning and Control for the Generation and Market areas. He then served as Business Developer for Europe and Latin America in Infrastructure and Networks. In 2015, he switched to coordinating the Partnerships and Innovation Intelligence group. From 2017 to 2018, he worked at HR Innovation's Human L@b and then was HR Business Partner for the Central Macro Area - Market Italy. In late 2019, he was appointed Head of Talent Management, Holistic Leadership and Change Management and a year later became People & Business Partner for the People and Organization team. From 2021 until he assumed his current position, he was Head of People and Organization in Colombia and Central America.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from LUISS Guido Carlo University in Rome.

His passions include the sea, Italian food and wine, spending time with family and friends, and movies.

Davide Procopio's profile