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Giuseppe Serrecchia

Head of Digital Hub

Giuseppe Serrecchia is Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation’s Head of Digital Hub, Enel’s business line for energy generation from conventional and renewable sources.

He joined Enel in 2016 as a Digital Enabler in the ICT Global Division, working for the Group’s CIO to optimize digital transformation programs. In 2018, he became Head of Digital Hub for Enel Green Power and in 2019 also for Global Power Generation.

He began his career in 1993 in the aerospace and telecommunications industries. In 1997, he founded his own Internet company, which he successfully managed until selling the company in 2000. In 2001, he accepted the role of CTO at Kataweb, Espresso Group’s Internet company. He held managerial roles for ten years, developing digital media convergence technologies and strategies. In 2011, he joined Condé Nast Group as CTO Italy, led teams to develop products and managed international technology transformation programs.

Giuseppe Serrecchia graduated in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the Università La Sapienza in Roma in 1991, where he worked for two years as a researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Giuseppe Serrecchia's profile