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Nicola Rossi

Head of Innovation

Nicola Rossi is Head of Innovation for Enel Green Power and Thermal GenerationEnel’s business line for energy generation from conventional and renewable sources.

In his role he leads a team of 150 people distributed across Europe, North America, Latin America and Russia and has the responsibility of leading innovation at global level (5 Continents, 31 Countries), across the overall value chain of the Global Power Generation Division (business development, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance and end of life management of assets), with the aim to accelerate the transition towards 100% renewable generation and pursuing the development of a new vision of secure, affordable and sustainable energy for all. His fields of competence include advanced technologies for renewable power generation, efficiency and flexibility, advanced materials, environment, energy storage, automation and robotics, industrial IoT, predictive diagnostic, circular economy, start-ups and open innovation management.

He joined Enel on October 2000, where he started working as a process engineer. In the last ten years, he has covered a number of managing positions in the innovation, sustainability and engineering areas, driving international teams and projects in Europe, United States, Latin America and Asia. In 2018 he managed the start-up of the Enel thermal generation fleet digitalization program. He is member of the EPRI Research Advisory Council and of the European Turbine Network Project Board. He was member of the European Zero Emission Platform from 2008 to 2012. He is author of many scientific papers published on international journals or conference proceedings, speaker at more than 40 international conferences and member of scientific committees, lecturer in academic courses on energy generation systems and environmental protection technologies. He has been reviewer in the frame of European Funding Programs.

Nicola Rossi graduated in Chemical Engineering at Pisa University in April 2000. After graduation, he participated to executive training programs at Università Bocconi, IESE Business School and Harvard University.

He is married and has two daughters and a son. He likes technology and is fascinate of its impacts on society and human behaviors. He is a keen cyclist and he likes playing tennis and skiing.

Nicola Rossi's profile