“We integrate sustainability into our strategic vision in order to work innovatively, less and less in the logic of reaction to critical issues and more with a proactive approach.”

Each step of our work is guided by the model of Creating Shared Value (CSV) through the integration of working tools into our processes.

The application of the CSV model throughout the phases of our work – Business Development, Engineering and Construction, Operation and Maintenance – has led us to certain best practices, creating opportunities for the Group, communities and the environment and also allowing us to transform nonconforming practices into common practices for the management of the business in all its phases.

The Three Aspects of Sustainability

The actions we take in order to turn effort into concrete, lasting and measurable results revolve around three aspects of sustainability:

  • Environmental. Our goal is to support the safeguarding of the environment throughout the various phases of development, construction and management of our plants, reducing impacts and developing the principle of the circular economy;
  • Social. Our approach comes from the wish to listen carefully to our stakeholders and to the local context where we work and to perform careful analysis, to build and maximise shared value, establishing what is important for each side, proactively intervening to anticipate needs and possible conflicts in the long term.
  • Governance. Our model of governance takes inspiration from international best practices and involves the adoption of tools aligned with the requirements of the main indices of sustainability.


Together with the United Nations for Sustainable Development

In September 2015, the United Nations launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs to be reached by 2030, urging institutions and companies to make them their own and to integrate them into their business strategies.

Enel responded to the UN's call by identifying 4 priority goals, indicating the quantitative results it intends to reach and integrating the SDGs into its industrial strategy.

“We are committed to reaching the UN’s SDGs of quality of education, clean and economically accessible energy, dignity of work and economic growth and fighting climate change.”

Our daily work contributes to the development and spread of renewable technologies. We carry out innovative projects to bring electricity to even the most remote areas of the world. Environment and biodiversity are at the centre of our attention, starting from the development phase. Furthermore, in all the countries where we work, we establish an open dialogue with local communities to understand their social, educational and occupational needs.