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A solid presence, destined for sustained growth in the coming years. Enel Green Power and Messico stand side by side on the path to the energy transition.

Enel Green Power in Mexico, facts and figures

Our renewable projects ensure carbon-neutral energy that fosters the country’s sustainable development.

Plants 19

Plants 19 Wind, hydro and solar

GW 2.9

GW 2.9 Total capacity

Sustainability 34

Sustainability 34 Projects carried out in 2019 towards external beneficiaries


Here’s where our sustainable energy comes from

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A Virtual Tour

A journey of discovery to Villanueva

A virtual journey of discovery to one of the American continent’s most innovative solar plants. The facility is located in the Mexican desert and was constructed in full compliance with the sustainable construction model. Beginning from the design phase, the utmost attention was paid to minimizing the plant’s impact on the environment and controlling key factors such as the use of energy, waste recycling and water consumption. Villanueva has given life to numerous projects that have improved the quality of life in the surrounding community and created shared value in the local area.


Renewable energy in Mexico is one click away

Read all the stories of Enel Green Power’s commitment to the country.

Mexico moves with renewable energy

Enel Green Power has promoted the consumption of renewable energy ever since it first became operative in Mexico in 2008. It has consistently focused its efforts on building and operating sufficient capacity to meet the needs of its multiple clients, providing not only clean energy, but also tailor-made options, alternatives to conventional sources and a positive vision of the future.

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Av. Ejército Nacional No.769

Torre B Piso 17, Col. Granada,

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