Enel Green Power Panamá (EGPPA) operates the country's largest hydro and largest solar plant adding up 0.36 GW of renewable energy. EGPPA manages three plants: the Fortuna hydroelectric plant and the Chiriquí PV plant, both in the province of Chiriquí, and the Sol Real PV complex, with five plants in the provinces of Chiriquí and Coclé

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Sustainability in the kingdom of the tapir and the jaguar

In Panama Enel Green Power has launched a programme for the development of domestic crops to provide food and economic support to families in the area, with full respect for the Natural Reserve and the local ecosystem.


Panama grows through sharing

Enel Green Power workers alongside the populations living around the Fortuna hydroelectric plant and the Chiriquí photovoltaic field: a cooperation that can achieve shared projects of rural electrification and education