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EGP Lear’s Macaw repopulation in Brazil to support biodiversity and sustainable development

In Brazil, near the Delfina wind farm, in the state of Bahia, Enel Green Power has begun a project to repopulate Lear’s macaw, a very rare parrot nearing extinction. Another demonstration of our commitment to biodiversity.

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Lear’s macaw is one of the treasures of the Caatinga, the largest Biome located in the hinterland of the Brazilian state of Bahia.   

Featuring feathers in a metallic blue colour with green hues, the rare parrot, typical of the area, is a specie at risk of extinction, with just two specimens remaining.

Now, however, thanks to a project led by Enel Green Power Brazil & Uruguay and carried out with the Environmental Discipline which has been going on for three years, Lear’s macaw will be able to fly in great number again in the caatinga.


Lear’s Macaw repopulation in Brazil

On the other side of the Atlantic, on the Spanish island of Tenerife, Enel Green Power acquired six specimens of Lear’s macaw, which will go to repopulate the forest in the region of Boqueirão da Onça, not far from EGP’s Delfina wind farm, in Bahia.

The Lear’s macaws raised in captivity will be freed after an adjustment period to the new environment and will be constantly monitored with an innovative GPS localisation system.

The use of satellite positioning systems will allow us to understand the parrots’ habits, like spreading, flight routes and feeding, resting and reproduction locations.

In this way, it will also be possible to gain valuable knowledge on the new specimens, necessary to foster the repopulation of the Caatinga by Lear’s macaw that, with only two animals living, is now considered a technically extinct species in the area.


Enel Green Power in Support of Biodiversity

Enel Green Power has made support for biodiversity one of the pillars of its business, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

The safeguarding of biodiversity, specifically, is mentioned in SDG 15, which also calls for the safeguarding of forests and vegetation. 


“The recovery programme for Lear’s macaw was carried out in line with Enel’s biodiversity programme, which determines our efforts to create measures to protect the environment in the best way and, if necessary, restore ecosystems. Like, for example, promoting the recovery of endangered species in the area where the company works.”
– Valeria Ladeira – Environmental Discipline Brazil and Uruguay


The protection of Lear’s macaw was also part of the conditions for the installation of the Delfina wind farm, which required the identification of critical areas for shelter and feeding for Lear’s macaw.

The recovery of Lear’s macaw is an advantage for the entire region around the Delfina wind farm and yet another demonstration of EGP’s commitment to the environment and the conservation of biodiversity. 

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