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Earth Day: the green cure for the health of humanity and the planet

In honor of Earth Day, we’re strengthening our approach to green recovery, a national and international post-pandemic recovery that will lay the foundations of a safe, sustainable energy transition.

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2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a celebration reminding us to take real actions towards sustainable development. Enel Green Power has observed this tradition for a long time. Even at a complex time like this, battling COVID-19, we’re fully dedicated to accelerating the energy transition towards renewables.


Protecting people and the planet

Despite the current health crisis, we’re continuing to investigate solutions and actively combat climate change. We're continuing to build and run power plants to ensure uninterrupted 100% green energy production, to sign agreements with other companies who’ve chosen sustainability, and now more than ever, we’re protecting people’s health with various measures put into action in all the countries where we operate.

To make it out of the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak and to make a concrete contribution to economic recovery, we believe that the green cure is the best path to take. This difficult time has made our commitment to undertaking courageous actions against climate change and to favoring a low carbon emissions economy even more pressing. To make societies more resistant to future shocks and economies more sustainable, we must strategize economic recovery in line with the UN’s Sustainability Goals and the European Green Deal. If we don’t learn this lesson, we’ll have lost twice!

These investments must trigger a new economic model, one more resilient, protective and inclusive. All these requisites can be met in an economy built around green principles. The transition towards a climate-neutral economy and protecting biodiversity can potentially create jobs and growth, improve the way we live all over the world and build more resilient societies.


Towards a green recovery

Creating a new sustainable development model largely depends on our ability to work together in solidarity, to build a bridge between the fight against COVID-19, loss of biodiversity and climate change. This doesn’t mean creating a new economy from scratch. We already have all the necessary tools and many new technologies.

Incredible progress has been made over the last 10 years in most sectors of the transition. New technologies have been developed (renewable energy, zero emissions mobility, agro-ecology, energy efficiency, etc.) within the value chain, drastically reducing the cost of the transition. Ten years ago, wind energy was three times more expensive and solar energy seven times more costly than today.

Green recovery is our approach: a national and international post-pandemic recovery that will lay the foundations of a safe, sustainable energy transition.

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