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The Castle Rock Ridge wind farms

Castle Rock Ridge Wind Farms

Soaring vistas, snow-capped peaks – the dramatic Alberta landscape is legendary. But it offers more than scenic views alone: the mighty ridge of the Rockies that courses through the province generates a forceful wind. At the Castle Rock Ridge I & II and Riverview wind farms in Pincher Creek, Alberta – our northernmost plants in the Western Hemisphere – we’re harnessing that power to generate sustainable value for our host communities.

The project

Harnessing the power of Alberta

Located in the Town of Pincher Creek, Alberta, the Castle Rock Ridge I & II wind farms generate enough wind power to meet the needs of over 27,000 Canadian households each year. Castle Rock Ridge I began operating in 2012 as Enel Green Power’s first entry into Alberta, with 33 turbines representing 76.2 MW of capacity. In 2020, the company began operating Castle Rock Ridge II, a 29.4 MW project that will supply its net power output and renewable energy credits to the Alberta Electric System Operator. A third wind farm, Riverview, also came online in Pincher Creek this year.









105.6 MW (76.2 + 29.4)


Energy production

310 GWh annually (200 + 110), which is equal to the consumption of more of 27,000 households


CO2 Emissions avoided

210,000 tons per year



Our Corporate Partners

Castle Rock Ridge II – along with another Enel Green Power wind farm in Pincher Creek, Riverview – is generating sustainable power for Albertans. The project will supply its net power output and renewable energy credits to the Alberta Electric System Operator (“AESO”) under two 20-year Renewable Energy Support Agreements (“RESAs”), awarded in 2017 through a tender launched by AESO.

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Community Impact

Enel Green Power is committed to creating long-term shared value for its host communities and supports critical initiatives in the Pincher Creek area. Enel has supported community needs such as the wind energy education program at Lethbridge College and the Pincher Creek Maker Centre, a youth-led facility for the development of skills and capabilities in art, design, coding, robotics and other technical areas.  Additionally, Enel Green Power has fostered relationships with the Piikani Nation to further Indigenous economic reconciliation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Enel committed additional funds to the Town of Pincher Creek Family and Community Support Services and the Piikani Nation Emergency Package for local businesses and food security services.

Work progress status

Status of construction phase

Construction of the Castle Rock Ridge II wind farm took place from 2019-2020. The construction process followed Enel Green Power’s Sustainable Construction Site model, a collection of best practices aimed at minimizing the impact of plant construction on the environment, waste, water and people.

  • Workers 550

    Workers 550 Jobs (Castle Rock Ridge II and Riverview), including 34 local hires through local contractors

  • Investment >8

    Investment >8 Million dollars in local investment. $519K dollars in local spending during construction of Castle Rock Ridge II and Riverview

  • Recycle: 73%

    Recycle: 73% Waste diversion

Contact Info

Community and Landowners Inquiries

Brian Schmidt, Site Supervisor

Media Inquiries


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