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The Acri wind farm, Italy

The Acri wind farm, Italy

In development

Expression of interest for a future crowdfunding campaign
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The plant

The Acri wind farm

We are developing the Acri wind farm in the municipality of the same name in the province of Cosenza in Calabria. The project for construction and operation is currently in the process of being authorized by the Calabrian regional authorities.

Once authorized, the plant will consist of five wind turbines, each with a unit rating of 4.52 MW, for a total of about 22.6 MW of new renewable capacity.



Wind power



In development



22.6 MW


CO2 emissions avoided

about 25,000 tons per year


Energy needs

about 21,700 households per year*

*Estimate based on the average annual consumption of a typical family.

Be part of the development

Expression of interest

Directly supporting the construction of a renewable energy plant in your municipality in order to accelerate the energy transition and counter the effects of climate change. These are the main goals of Renewable Choice, our new plant financing initiative which is open to local citizens. Not only can they be the first to enjoy the benefits associated with the development of clean and sustainable energy sources, they can also play an active role in the development of clean energy plants through a crowdfunding campaign.

As of today there is another possibility: now you can express prior and non-binding interest in participating in fundraising to support the construction of the wind farm in Acri. This is during the process for obtaining authorization for the construction of the plant itself.

This “early bird” pre-subscription offers you the right to be the first to participate in the future crowdfunding campaign, once the plant is approved.

Pre-subscription is for Acri residents only. It doesn’t entail any obligation to participate in the fundraiser, and requires no financial outlay at this stage, nor are there any strings attached!

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