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Moldova Nouă Wind Farm, Romania

Moldova Nouă Wind Farm, Romania

In operation

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The plant

Moldova Nouă Wind Farm

The Moldova Nouă wind farm is located near the town of the same name in the Banat region in Romania, an area historically known for copper mining near the River Danube. Now boasting a total of twenty-one 2.3-MW wind turbines and a peak capacity of 48 MW, the wind farm began partial operations in December 2011 and then became fully operational in August 2012.






In operation



48 MW


Energy production

130 million kW/h per year


CO2 emissions avoided

70,000 metric tons 



Community impact

To promote circularity and sustainability and create value for the community, parts that need to be replaced at the Moldova Nouă wind plant – such as small motors, pumps, batteries, pistons and cogs – are recovered and sent to local state schools for use in education.

The wind farm is also open for visits from students, who can participate in practical internships and workshops on various topics, from technology and the functioning of the plant to safety issues. We have also signed an agreement with the technological high school in Moldova Nouă and the Engineering Faculty of the UBB University of Reșița, a city not far from the site of the plant.

At the Moldova Nouă site we have also developed programs to protect biodiversity and safeguard some of the more vulnerable species present there. The site is a natural habitat for some rare species of orchid, and a study conducted by experts from the Botanical Gardens of the University of Bucharest highlights the positive role the site plays in the conservation of these flowering plants. We also protect the presence of storks, through a monitoring of their nests via a specially created app. Furthermore, a collaboration with the Portile de Fier National Park has led to the launch of a project to monitor the local bat population and the extremely rare saker falcon (Falco cherrug). This has resulted in solutions to prevent these animals from flying close to the wind turbines, enabling them to continue to live in the area in complete safety. 



30, Mircea Voda Blvd., 4th floor, 030667, Bucharest, Romania 

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