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Sa Turrina Manna wind farm, Italy

Sa Turrina Manna wind farm, Italy

In operation

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The plant

Sa Turrina Manna wind farm

The Sa Turrina Manna wind farm, composed of the Tula 1 and Tula 2 plants, stands at an altitude of almost 700 meters above sea level on the La Sarra Mountain in Sardinia and is situated on the plateau between Tula and Erula. Consisting of 68 wind turbines in the municipality of Tula, the plant has a total installed capacity of around 84MW and meets the energy needs of more than 66,000 Italian households.






In operation


Operational capacity

84 MW


Energy production

160 GWh


CO2 emissions avoided

82,000+ metric tons a year 


Energy demand met

66,000+ households per year 

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Impact on local communities

Thanks to the presence of the wind farm, the municipality of Tula has been able to expand the services it offers the community and upgrade the quality of its existing services. In the context of education, various initiatives have been implemented to support families in the area, such as programs to reduce school dropout rates, the full reimbursement of expenses incurred in travelling to high schools in neighboring municipalities, as well as study grants and inclusion services for students with disabilities.

From an economic and environmental perspective, the technology is working hand in hand with protecting the local area: the wind farm is a grazing area for sheep and is home to numerous beehives. In addition to generating revenue for the beekeepers, the site provides a space for the protection of bees. This is an important factor not only for ensuring the continuity of honey production, but more importantly, to protect this species, which is being increasingly threatened by climate change and the use of pesticides. Bees play a crucial role in our lives, as they are responsible for around 70% of pollination of all plant species and ensure around 35% of global food production. Enel Green Power is trialing similar projects in other plants around the world, from the United States to Spain and Greece.

A win-win for the environment and the local area

As part of the European project WinWind (Winning Social Acceptance for Wind Energy in Wind Energy Scarce Regions), funded by the European Union’s 2020 Horizon Programme, two project partners, ENEA (the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) and the company Ecoazioni, organized a Learning Lab in the municipality of Tula in 2018 in order to share best practices identified at European level. The objective was to engage local communities in building strategic scenarios and ideas for their implementation in their local areas. The best practice identified for the region of Sardinia was represented by the Sa Turrina Manna wind farm, which, according to the organizers, implemented “tax cuts and a commitment to the landscape”.

Sardinia's green future

By providing renewable energy, the Sa Turrina Manna wind farm is contributing to the decarbonization of the island. The abundance of natural resources in the area – specifically wind, sun and water – makes it the perfect ally in the pursuit of a completely green Sardinia by 2030, in line with the Enel Group’s strategy.



Business development

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