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Stipa Nayaá Wind Farm, Mexico

Stipa Nayaá Wind Farm, Mexico

In operation

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The plant

Stipa Nayaá Wind Farm

The Stipa Nayaá wind farm is located in the municipality of El Espinal in the state of Oaxaca. It is equipped with 74 turbines that capture the winds of southeast Mexico. This is in a region between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean which, thanks to its geography, has some of the best wind resources in the world. That is why we selected the area, and specifically the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, for the farm’s construction.

Stipa Nayaá was Enel Green Power's first wind farm in Mexico.

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In operation



74 MW


Energy production

292 GWh


CO2 emissions avoided

169,944 tons per year

Social impact on the local community

From its inception, Stipa Nayaá has contributed to preserving the area’s environmental balance, by allowing local sheep herders to use the land. We have also donated materials to improve the infrastructure of the community's farming activities and implemented a project to line the local irrigation canals with concrete, in order to prevent water loss.

We have collected soil samples and studied them in our laboratories, and have analyzed the results, designating two demonstration plots for growing various kinds of legumes and grasses, and observing their behavior under different scenarios.

We have also provided landowners with online training courses on corn silage.

To improve crop production we have focused on four main activities:


  1. Preparing the land for farming. 
    Preparing the land for growing grass, corn or forage sorghum.
  2. Setting up and improving the agricultural infrastructure. 
    Providing tools and materials for the construction and/or adaptation of workspaces, improving the agricultural facilities around the wind farm’s perimeter.
  3. Modernizing agricultural activities. 
    Providing equipment, tools and agricultural machinery to local farmers.
  4. Setting up extensive crops. 
    After identifying the most suitable varieties for the region’s soils, more extensive crops were established, so as to achieve a more profitable production phase for local farmers.


Our wind farm has also created direct and indirect employment for the population, contributing to the area’s economic development and the improvement of the quality of life in a region with very high unemployment rates.

Furthermore, we transformed a disused nacelle into a “Didactic Nacelle,” i.e., a wind technology training center aimed at creating job opportunities for young people with an interest in wind power. In line with the principles of circular economy, we cleaned and painted the old nacelle and gave it new life as an educational tool. It is currently located at the Sureste wind farm.

Last but not least, the Stipa Nayaá wind farm constantly monitors migratory birds through a radar that can foresee their arrival: in this way the turbines can be stopped in order to prevent accidents. Another measure is painting one of the turbine’s blades either black or purple, making it easy for birds to recognize and avoid them.

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Corporativo Miyana

Av. Ejército Nacional No.769

Torre B Piso 17, Col. Granada,

C.P. 11520, Ciudad de México

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