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The Vamvakies Solar Plant, Greece

Vamvakies Solar Farm, Greece

In operation

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Vamvakies Solar Farm

Construction work has been completed in October 2021 at the Vamvakies solar power plant near the city of Veria in Northern Greece. It is Enel Green Power’s 59th renewable project in the country. The plant, which will have a capacity of 6.5 MW, was built in line with EGP’s Sustainable Construction Site model, thereby offering considerable benefits for the local community.






In Operation

Pie chart


6.5 MW


Energy production

9,568 MWh annually 


CO2 emissions avoided

6,500 tons annually


Electricity equivalent

1,800+ Greek households annually



Community impact

Enel Green Power is always aware of the needs of the local community, and this is truer than ever during the Covid emergency. For this reason, we donated some equipment to the Polymylos Medical Center. The equipment included a nebulizer system, which administers medication to patients in the form of a mist that’s inhaled into the lungs. This is useful for patients suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems. We also donated an oxygen concentrator.

At the same time, we supported local schools with various initiatives. These included completely renovating the rest rooms at the local soccer stadium, which were out of order when we started working in the area. They can now be used by schoolchildren during their sporting activities at the stadium. This was in addition to donating several laptops to the Polymylos elementary school, so that pupils could attend classes remotely. We also provided “love packages” (consisting of necessities and non-perishable goods) for local families in need.


Sustainable Construction Site model

Enel Green Power followed the principles of the circular economy, recycling and reusing material from the construction site wherever possible. We gave local shepherds some 500 pallets that had been used in the packaging of panels and inverters. They will now be used for storing hay. We also donated two water tanks (with a total capacity of three tons) to the village of Polymylos. These are being used as part of the fire protection program at the afore-mentioned stadium.

  • Jobs 81

    Jobs 81 Construction jobs

  • Investment 3.5

    Investment 3.5 million euros

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