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Mondelēz International, Maker of Oreos, Purchases Major Solar Power

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Mondelēz International, Maker of Oreos, Purchases Major Solar Power

Mondelēz International has committed to a major Power Purchase Agreement with Enel Green Power, purchasing 65 Megawatts of solar power from Enel’s Roadrunner solar plant in Texas.

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When you think of your favorite snacks, whether they’re Oreos, Ritz Bits crackers, Sour Patch Kids or Wheat Thins, you’re likely not thinking about how they were made beyond the ingredients. What’s most on your mind is the taste!

But since these popular snacks are consumed in such great quantities—some 40 billion Oreos are made each year—just how these snacks are produced is important due to the amount of power required to make them. 

But no matter whether it’s a sweet or savory snack, Mondelēz International, the Chicago-based multinational candy, food, and beverage company, is dedicated to making sure it’s made right. And that means with sustainability in every bite.

We’re proud to partner with Mondelēz on their mission to help people enjoy their products while also protecting the environment. As they seek to reduce their overall CO2 emissions by 15% by 2020, preventing 240,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually, Enel Green Power will be supplying clean, renewable power so they can reach their goal.

The company has made environmental investments before, including on-site solar at three French plants and 100% renewable power for a facility in Thailand, as well as for their entire operations in the Philippines.

In the U.S., however, this commitment marks a major milestone and will have an especially large impact on the snack industry as a whole. In 2018, the entire snack industry purchased 362 MW of renewable power, so the Mondelēz investment in 65 MW of clean energy represents a nearly 18% increase in last year’s total—from just one power purchase agreement from one company!

A Powerful Agreement with Mondelēz

As we continue to work towards our goal of a renewable energy future, having corporations commit to power their operations sustainably is crucial. And that’s exactly what Mondelēz International is doing with our Roadrunner solar project in Texas.

This purchase of 65 MW of renewable solar power will replace 80,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide and represent Mondelēz’s largest renewable energy partnership anywhere in the world. A little perspective: this power can produce more than 50% of all the Oreo cookies eaten in the U.S. each year: a whopping 10 billion Oreos


“This agreement demonstrates our commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from our manufacturing footprint around the world - specifically in North America. With our broader goals to eradicate deforestation, it forms a critical element of our sustainable snacking strategy and our contribution to creating a sustainable future”

– Glen Walter, EVP and President North America, Mondelēz International


A Bigger Solar Farm in Texas

We started construction on our Roadrunner Solar Project in March of 2019, and the first phase of the project is set to come online by the end of 2019 and produce 252 MW of solar power. Phase two for the plant will bring the total production up to 497 MW and will be up and running by the end of 2020.

This massive project will be our largest solar plant in the U.S. and will also be the second largest solar plant in Texas: quite a feat considering the state’s abundant solar power. All in all, the Roadrunner project will offset 800,000 tons of CO2 every year. Thanks to the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Mondelēz, the clean, renewable power will be used to create snacks more sustainably.

As we push towards a renewable energy future, it’s essential to have partners like Mondelēz International committing to PPAs. These major agreements significantly shift clean power totals for entire industries and help pave the way for the energy of tomorrow. 

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