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Heading to 2030. EGP’s growing commitment to LatAm

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Heading to 2030. EGP’s growing commitment to LatAm

2019 proved a decisive year for the future of renewables in Latin America, thanks to impressive projects going online and great investments on sustainable development

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Today’s hard work will finally pay off in a greener tomorrow. Enel Green Power’s commitment to Latin America follows the path of the energy transition. Over the past year, the journey to sustainability has led us to reach important breakthroughs,  as well as many major milestones that are bound to provide us a decisive push in the future growth of renewables throughout the South American continent. Here are the greatest contributions to our latest record of newly-built renewable capacity in 2019.


Brazil’s 2019: record numbers and outstanding achievements

For Brazil, 2019 was a year fraught with new and groundbreaking developments. Latin America's economic and manufacturing powerhouse made significant progress in its ambitious goal to build major green energy projects, providing an impressive contribution to last year's record of over 3 GW-worth of renewable capacity we've attained.

The greatest achievement came from connecting the first section of the 475 MW São Gonçalo solar park to Brazil's grid network - the country's first with bi-facial solar panels - over one year in advance. Once construction on the latest 133 MW expansion is complete by the end of 2020, the solar park will reach a total installed capacity of 608 MW, generating over 1,500 GWh annually.

The Delfina wind farm expansion was another remarkable achievement. Works started four years ahead of schedule and in 2019, the 29.4 MW expansion went online to boost Delfina’s total installed capacity to 209.4 MW, thus generating a total of 960 GWh-worth of sustainable energy each year.

Going beyond the impressive results achieved in 2019, this year was also focused on defining the path of our future growth. One year ago, to this day, we’ve started construction on South America’s biggest wind farm: Lagoa dos Ventos. Once fully operational in 2021, it will be Enel Green Power’s global flagship wind farm, further boosting our total installed capacity with a sizeable supply of clean energy.


Mexico’s heading straight for an energy revolution

In the big global push for renewables, 2019 proved a pivotal year for Mexico’s drive towards harnessing its immense renewable energy potential through a series of large green infrastructure projects.

As 2019 came to close, we’ve inaugurated the Salitrillos wind farm in the State of Tamaulipas. The power plant came at a cost of 15o million US dollars, with a total installed capacity of 103 MW from 30 wind turbines generating over 430 GWh each year, offsetting the emission of about 236,000 tons of CO2. 

The 220 MW Magdalena II solar park going online was another remarkable result, thanks to a 165 million USD investment. Located in the State of Tlaxcala, this power plant is the first of its kind featuring bi-facial solar panels - 550,000 of them - and is slated to reach peak production at 640 GWh annually.


In Chile, new investments are greening its future

Although 2019 saw no new renewable capacity going online in Chile, the seeds for a substantial expansion in EGP’s global renewable capacity were sawn, with benefits ready to be reaped in the very near future.

For instance, one of last year’s landmark moments was the start of construction on the 33 MW Unit 3 of Cerro Parabellón geothermal power plant. This new infrastructure, slated for completion by the end of 2020, will boost total installed capacity to 81 MW, generating 600 GWh annually. Cerro Parabellón currently generates 48 MW from two operational units.

2019 was a year to be remembered for Chile’s renewable energy sector as the foundation stone was laid in August for the 382 MW Campos Sol solar park, located in the Atacama Region. What is slated to become Chile’s biggest solar park will go online by the end of 2020, generating 1,160 GWh annually once fully operational. Overall, Campos Sol required a total investment of about 320 million US Dollars.


Colombia, playing an increasingly relevant role in the energy transition

Colombia’s 2019 was marked by a remarkable achievement, as the country’s largest PV solar park went online. The El Paso facility adds a further 86.2 MW to EGP’s global renewable capacity.

El Paso is located in Colombia’s northern Cesar Department, accounting for 80% of the country’s total solar installed capacity. Featuring 250,000 solar panels, the power plant will generate 176 GWh annually, covering the energy needs of over 100,000 Colombian households, equal to about 400,000 people.

In the future, Colombia will play an ever more decisive role in the energy transition. Starting from 2022, 5 new Enel Green Power projects (three wind farms and two solar parks) will go online to deliver about 2,027,533 kWh of renewable energy to the country’s grid network every day.


EGP’s ongoing commitment to Peru

Ultimately, Enel Green Power is currently strengthening its commitment to the country by starting new projects worth 1.1 GW in capacity, laying the groundwork for lasting and sustainable development. Among Peru’s soon-to-be renewable superstars, the Ayanunga hydroelectric power plant, together with the Rubi solar park, and the Wayra I wind farm, destined to be the country’s largest solar and wind projects.

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