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The Innovation Lab occupies an area of more than ten hectares and features cutting-edge tools and equipment for renewables.

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The structure of the Catania Innovation Lab is that of a technological campus and an entrepreneurial accelerator, a laboratory that is open to start-ups, research centres and companies to stimulate innovation and provide a shared space for those imagining the energy of tomorrow today.

The availability of accredited laboratories allows for the testing of technologies linked to photovoltaic and to the use of renewable sources for energy production.


“In its nearly ten hectares of surface area, the Innovation Lab holds 1,000 square metres with 9 indoor laboratories and an additional 30,000 square metres of outdoor testing area.”


The area of the Innovation Lab offers researchers and technicians cutting-edge instrumentation and equipment, mostly dedicated to research in the field of solar technologies, but not only that.

In addition to its radiometric weather station, outdoor azimuthal testing stations, floating solar station, Enel demonstrative photovoltaic plants and RSE and experimental systems of hybrid and concentrated solar plants, the Innovation Lab hosts labs dedicated to:

  • Artificial aging of photovoltaic modules
  • An outdoor testing station for photovoltaic modules and systems
  • Study of storage systems aimed at the retail market
  • Study of production systems from renewable sources and storage, loads and simulation of plant network integration
  • Electrical tests and experimentation on photovoltaic modules
  • Testing of photovoltaic cells and modules in the solar simulator
  • Research in the field of wind energy
  • Analysis of electroluminescence and thermography
  • Cross technologies for renewables and safety

The infrastructure present allows for the testing of the integration of storage systems for the grid, the use of digital technologies applied to the energy world and the testing of  automation and robotic systems equipped with artificial intelligence.


“We offer integrated support services to universities, start-ups, companies and research centres. For them, the Innovation Lab represents an opportunity for integration, sharing and networking.”


The research and tests of the Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM) of the National Research Council (CNR) are carried out the Catania laboratories. At the Innovation Lab, it is carrying out projects in the field of solar, energy efficiency as well as the use of technologies for health & safety.

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