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Giuseppe Conti

Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs

Giuseppe Conti is the Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs at Enel Green Power.

A lawyer and graduate of the University of Messina, he joined the Enel Group in 2003, when he began working in the legal department dedicated to the Group’s international activities.

In 2008, he was a visiting attorney at Enel Green Power North America in Boston; from 2008 to 2012, he served as Head of Legal Coordination and Research & Development for Endesa in Spain; in 2012, he assumed responsibility for the Group’s Significant Litigation & Legal Coordination area and then became Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs at Enel Green Power in 2022.

Before taking on his current role, he was also Head of Corporate & Legal Affairs at Enel Italy.

In 2021, he was a member of Open Fiber’s Board of Directors, while since 2016 he has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Enel Generación Chile, a listed company in Chile.