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Vamvakies: a Social Green Project

Vamvakies: a Social Green Project

A modern educational program for the Prefecture of Kozani.

The project

Vamvakies Social Green Project

The Vamvakies Social Green Project was developed by Enel Green Power, in collaboration with Wise Greece and CluBE under the auspices of the Municipality of Kozani, exclusively for the Prefecture of Kozani and the wider region, with the aim of supporting people who are interested in empowerment, entrepreneurship and careers in the food industry.  

The program is divided into 2 sub-projects:  the empowerment of a small group of women farming in the Vamvakies PV plant area and the provision of free educational seminars on various topics for all the residents of Kozani.

An innovative program

The idea was put into practice at the solar plant near Polymylos Kozani, where a small group of women cultivated herbs, both in the open spaces and under the panels.

At the same time, the women were supported by a team of advisors and trainers, with the aim of becoming micro-entrepreneurs, marketing these original products and earning a substantial income. 

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From the materials of the crops in Vamvakies, we created the MYROLAND series of products, which consists of the following: spices for chicken, spices for pork, a Mediterranean mixture of herbs, as well as herbal drinks with the flavor of melomakarono, tsoureki, banoffee and paliouri.

This is the first time in Europe that a series of products from the land of a solar park has been launched on the market.

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The educational program

Educational programs were organized and made available to all Kozani residents in order to promote and enhance entrepreneurship. The seminars took place online once a month and were supported by a large team of experienced trainers who flank the participants in every stage of their business career.

The participants were able to develop their knowledge of the nutrition sector and connect with mentors who could help them in every professional step. They also received training in very important entrepreneurship issues such as the preparation of a business plan, the production and promotion of products, effective communication, developing a network of customers and partners, digital marketing and much more.

The Vamvakies Social Green Project was honored for its Innovation and Social Impact with the Bravo Sustainability Award in the Society and Partnerships category and with the Gold Hellenic Responsible Business Award in the Decent Work & Economic Growth category.

Our Creating Shared Value (CSV) initiatives are fully in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Vamvakies Social Green Project is aligned with Goal 4 (Quality Education), Goal 5 (Gender Equality) and Goal 8 (Decent Work & Economic Growth).


Educational Themes

  • Business empowerment and overcoming obstacles
  • Creating key entrepreneurship tools
  • Preparing a business and financial plan
  • The basic steps for a successful business
  • Competitive food products
  • Analysis of market needs
  • Product innovation
  • Cost estimation, sales and exports
  • Effective communication and storytelling
  • Logistics and certifications
  • Internet marketing
  • Funding tools
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
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Wise Greece is a non-profit Initiative that promotes worldwide the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the products of Greek micro-producers, while with the profit from their sale it buys essential food supplies so as to distribute them to people in need. 

The Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CLuBE) is a non-profit organization that was founded by local stakeholders in the Prefecture of Western Macedonia. The members of the Cluster belong to the association of the regional economy and its goal is to enhance the green, smart, circular economy of local institutions in bioenergy and the environment.

Educational resources

A team of experienced instructors offer guidance to those taking part in the education program, through a series of seminars on entrepreneurship.


Contact email

For any questions, please write to the following e-mail address: