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The Red Dirt Wind Farm

The Red Dirt Wind Farm, USA

In operation

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The project

Investing in long-term sustainability

The Red Dirt Wind  Farm is located in Kingfisher and Logan counties, Oklahoma. It has the capacity to generate approximately 1,200 GWh of renewable energy annually, which is equivalent to the energy consumption needs of more than 97,000 US households, while avoiding the emissions of about 860,000 tons of CO2 each year. 






In operation



300 MW


Energy production

1,200 GWh annually 


CO2 emissions avoided

860,000 tons annually 


Electricity equivalent

97,000+ US households annually



Our Corporate Partners

The Red Dirt Wind Farm is is supporting T-Mobile, a US telecommunications leader, in achieving its goal of using 100% renewable energy. Through a 160 MW virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with Enel Green Power, T-Mobile is able to advance its sustainability strategy and support many of its retail stores and offices with renewable energy, while helping to avoid the equivalent CO2 emissions for more than 108 billion smartphones charged. 

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Community Impact

Enel Green Power is dedicated to creating long-term shared value, supporting local economic development and long-term sustainability in its host communities. Enel Green Power provided a safer way to connect areas in Logan County by improving 25 miles of road in the area, including repaving 10 miles.  $26,000 was donated to the Hennessey Fire, Dover Fire and Crescent Fire Departments for equipment and bunker gear. Enel Green Power is co-sponsoring the Leadership Hennessey for Students program for an in-person learning opportunity on wind energy and its role in the town and the county's economic development.  Enel Green Power is also partnering with the local FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4RKids to manage the recycling stations throughout the community. 


A sustainable construction process

Enel Green Power is committed to a sustainable worksite model. When we build projects, we monitor sustainability performance for energy, waste and water management, and the economic impact on the local community. We utilize innovative tools and construction techniques in order to ensure that the highest safety standards are met, both in the construction and management stages.

Furthermore, Enel Green Power has implemented enhanced safety measures at its power plants during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep its workforce safe and to ensure continued support to homes, businesses and critical services in the communities where it operates.

  • Workers >600

    Workers >600 Construction jobs 

  • Investment 420

    Investment 420 Million dollars in total investment


Community and Landowners Inquiries

Cole Nelms, Site Manager

Media Inquiries


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