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T-Mobile moves toward a 100% renewable future with Enel Green Power

T-Mobile moves toward a 100% renewable future with Enel Green Power

T-Mobile is the first nationwide US wireless carrier to commit to sourcing 100% renewable electricity. After all, making bold commitments is what the company is known for. Partnerships including the agreement with Enel Green Power at the Red Dirt wind farm in Oklahoma have T-Mobile on its way to reaching its renewable energy goal.


Magenta is going green

In 2018, T-Mobile took a major step forward in its sustainability strategy by entering into its first long-term; Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA)After issuing an RFP in search of a renewable energy partner, the wireless leader selected Enel Green Power as the first organization to team up with to make their sustainability goals a reality. The solution is a 160 MW VPPA at Enel Green Power’s Red Dirt Wind Farm, an agreement that not only advances the company’s renewable energy commitment but is sustainable for the bottom line. 

A key consideration in T-Mobile's renewable energy strategy is its geographic footprint. T-Mobile has many locations spread across the country with differing energy needs. Space constraints, local grid conditions, or the availability of nearby renewable generation sources made it difficult to spur new renewable production in both an efficient and cost-effective way. This VPPA with Enel Green Power solved those issues for T-Mobile. It has allowed the company to invest in a project that brings additional renewable energy to the grid, advancing the renewable industry and covering the footprint of many of their retail stores and offices.

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  • Energy 160

    Energy 160 MW of sustainable energy

  • Smartphones 108+

    Smartphones 108+ Billion smartphones charged – the equivalent CO2 emissions avoided

  • Households 58k

    Households 58k The equivalent number of households that could be powered by this renewable energy

Sustainability Highlights

The Key Factor in T-Mobile's Business Strategy

T-Mobile's sustainability strategy wouldn’t be made possible without its partners. Hear more from T-Mobile’s Director of Sustainability & Facilities Procurement on the company’s renewable energy journey and why a power purchase agreement was the right strategy for its business.

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