All the Energy of the Desert

Monday, 14 November 2016

“The 100 turbines of the Dominica plant can produce 200 MW of energy, which can provide electricity to some143,000 households”

“A Hand for Life”

Our wind field generates clean energy for the daily needs of the local community and contributes to the new ‘green age’ that has long started in Mexico.

Alongside our technology, which allows us to turn wind into energy for development, we have also brought our experience and creativity to Charcas, creating shared value for the population 

“‘A Hand for Life’ is a project carried out in the area surrounding the plant to protect the environment and support the activity of local farmers and breeders. ”

We have created a greenhouse for the cultivation of cacti, used for ornamental and reforestation purposes.

The activities for the protection of the flora in the area surrounding the plant have resulted in the actual rescue of 16 species of the region.

The mill and the school

Farmers who live around Dominica can now rely on the maguey mill named after the agave that is typical of semi-desert areas. We have built it so they can process this plant, obtain forage, and produce the aguamiel used for beverages or for the fibre with which they make ropes, fabric and mats.

We also support the training of farmers on sustainable cultivation and extraction of the maguey worms and ant larvae marketed as traditional food of the region.

At the Telesecundaria Manuel Josè Othon school, where students can benefit from remote lessons through video connections, we have installed a solar panel and electrical infrastructure system granting stable access to electricity, thus offering a new future for their education.