The green Coliseum in the jungle

Monday, 7 November 2016

“The Apiacás hydropower system has a capacity of 490 GWh per year. An amount of energy that can meet the needs of 200,000 Brazilian households.”

Building the future together

Places like Apiacás require the greatest respect. This is why we established a planning model shared with the local population of the broad area in which the three plants were built.

Even before opening the worksites, we visited communities and villages in the region to start a dialogue with the population of this corner of the Amazonia.

We listen daily to the interests of the communities and try to enhance their requests, to understand the local needs and the improvements to be made.

“The three run-of-the-river plants generate clean energy for the increasing needs of the region and were built after having listened to the ideas and needs of the local people.”

Our friend the sloth

The municipality of Alta Floresta shares an incredible record with the rest of  Mato Grosso and Amazonia: it is the home of around half of the animal and plant species of the entire world. 

One morning of an ordinary working day, our workers and technicians came across a small sloth that was perched on top of the scaffolding. It had apparently been unable to find its way home and was waiting for someone to help it get back there.  The news immediately went around the construction site and the cute intruder was ‘adopted’ by our colleagues, who warned right away the environment and safety heads. The veterinary also arrived for a checkup, and then our friend was accompanied back into the forest. 

“We monitor the area of Apiacás, checking on every species we find and cataloguing them, to guarantee and protect the biodiversity of this invaluable natural resource.”

Listening to the breath of the Amazonia

Our worksite along the Rio dos Apiacás has been powered with clean energy, thanks to an off-grid solar PV plant that provided energy to the equipment and offices during the entire construction.

Now that the construction of the complex has been completed, the solar field contributes to the renewable energy generation of the entire system.

The end of the construction works marked the first step of our path together with the populations of the Mato Grosso. Now we are working to generate the energy needed for local development and we continue to travel in the surrounding area to plan reforestation activities and launch initiatives aimed to develop infrastructure and improve the educational services.

You have to live in Amazonia to get to know it. We will continue to listen to its breath.