COP 22, Youngsters Speak Out on Challenges Ahead

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

“Enel promotes the presence of young people at the COP 22 by supporting several initiatives where they are directly involved, like Film4Climate and the The New Voice of Climate project.”

A juvenile view of the UN Conference

Since 2005, the COY has preceded the UN-promoted COP to enable younger generations to assert their viewpoint on the global challenges related to climate change.

Conferences, workshops and volunteer initiatives involve hundreds of young people across the world, who then converge in the city hosting the UN Conference of the Parties. Their contribution to the debate comes from their experience and their involvement in NGOs, civil society associations and local communities.

“The 9000 participants in the ongoing Marrakech UN COP 22 include 60 youngsters who describe the activity of the Conference from a juvenile viewpoint.”

An international team of under-20 reporters

The Conference of Youth that took place from November 4 to 6 at the Cadi Ayad University in Marrakech was attended by 750 students from ten high schools of the Moroccan ‘cultural capital’. The Conference also involved a group of young delegates in The New Voice of Climate project.

In the months that preceded the COP 22 and COY 12, the young Moroccans were involved in training programmes on issues related to climate change and a simulation of the UN negotiations. 

Additionally, 30 selected students and teachers participated in Youth Press Agency, an international initiative within The New Voice of Climate project, promoted by the Viração Associations and several partners including Enel Green Power. 

“The Moroccan students are working with 30 peers from Africa, Europe and Latin America to report the UN Conference through articles, pictures and videos.”

The students’ stories and news can be viewed on the online platform The new voice of climate or by following social networking profiles including those on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.