Guatemala: where the future is planted

Saturday, 4 June 2016

“More than 5,200 people have participated so far in the 33 missions promoted by “Plantemos” volunteers, helping 46,200 new trees to take root.”

The supporters of Plantemos’ activities are individual citizens and companies, who participate in six plantings a year and make their own testimonials in turn. It’s an experience that finds its greatest energy in sharing.

Celebrating the environment together

For the last five years, the volunteer association Plantemos 1000 arboles has urged the inhabitants of Guatemala to take care of the environment by involving companies, ordinary citizens and institutions of civil society in initiatives of reforestation and care for natural heritage.

“We’ve been partners with Plantemos 1000 arboles for several years. The regular appointments to take care of the country’s forests are now a tradition for EGP workers in Guatemala.”

On 3 June, for World Environment Day, a thousand people came from various Guatemalan cities to meet on Santa Cruz hill, in the city of Antigua Guatemala, to celebrate the day with a solid gesture: planting 1000 new trees.

Families with children, groups of friends and ordinary citizens answered the association’s call, armed with shovels and rakes, coming together to achieve an otherwise impossible outcome.

To plant one thousand trees in one day, strong arms and good will are not sufficient. Guatemala teaches us that we must come together to achieve the revolutionary results the world needs.