The future 366 days a year

Published on Thursday, 22 December 2016

“To enter into new markets, you need legs, breath, courage and a good compass: that is, human and financial resources and a clear vision. ”

– Antonio Cammisecra, Business Development for Enel Green Power

We are now present in 24 countries: EGP’s map of the world includes new geographies on all the continents of our existing presence, with special development in the younger markets of Africa and Asia.

The integration into Enel, completed in early 2016, has already started to show its added value, making it possible to respond more efficiently to the needs of an increasingly articulated global energy market.

Clean Energy: New and Extra-large

We are at the starting line of 2017 with a total installed capacity of 36 GW: “extra large” growth, compared to the 10 GW at the start of 2016. This growth brings 2.8 GW of plants under construction with it into the new year as well.

The additional capacity installed in 2016 was 2028 MW. The race along the road of renewables has led us to include in the scope of our activities the 24.8 GW of large hydroelectric plants Enel, which until recently was not part of EGP’s list of plants.

“Efficiency, optimisation and global sharing of the best local experiences are at the centre of our approach, both in the construction and in the management of the plants.”

Thanks to our strong record of production and development in 2016, we are adding a “Build, Sell and Operate” (BSO) model with lower capital intensity to our activities as well, in order to reduce investment risk and accelerate value creation.

The Rubi photovoltaic plant, on which construction was started in November in Peru, with its 180 MW of capacity, will be the biggest in the Latin American country.

A Team of 7000 Innovators

Change means questioning things, opening up to new ideas and markets, taking new paths. It’s a challenge and a choice, because “when the winds of change blow”, according to the Chinese proverb, “some build shelter, others build windmills”.

The openness to change is a distinctive trait of the more than 7,000 people that work with Enel Green Power every day.

Results like the La Silla solar plant (Chile), the Apiacás hydro system (Brazil) and the Cove Fort and Stillwater hybrid plants (USA) are not outcomes of a handful of visionaries that work in a company that is otherwise completely conventional.

“62 projects, 18 million euros of investment and 31 partnerships: these are the numbers that show EGP’s commitment to innovation throughout 2016”

For all of us, innovation is an attitude to cultivate and good practice for every activity, from care for the smallest ordinary details to the outside-the-box creativity that is needed for the most revolutionary projects.

The Future Begins Every Day

The stars of our 2017 strategic plan include seaweed fishermen in San Juan de Marcona in Peru, schoolchildren in Port Elizabeth in South Africa and  farmers in Charcas in Mexico.

The people we meet in the places we work are an integral part of the way we interpret our daily work. This can be seen in the numbers, which show our commitment to the economic and social development of local communities and to the environment.

“In 2016, we completed 218 sustainability projects, investing 4.7 million euros and bringing benefits to 305,000 people in 16 countries”

At our plants throughout the world, a new way of building a shared future is taking shape: these are concrete examples of our response to the UN’s call to large multinational companies to reach its Sustainable Development Goals.

For us, innovation and sustainability mean more than just new technologies. They also mean a different way of doing business. Clean energy is the first step to build the common good and the foundations for a better world, for everyone, every day of every year.