Geothermal Energy is Female

Published on Wednesday, 8 March 2017

“Working as an electrician for Enel gives me great satisfaction because it’s not a job like others. You realise that you can be the one bit that can help to change everything. Everything. You just have to believe.”

– Gloria Baldini

Just after graduating from high school, at 19 years of age, Gloria took an exam and won a position working for EGP. Without knowing it, she set off on a path towards a new course in the centuries-old history of geothermal energy in Tuscany.

One of the first women to get into an operating sector that traditionally, because of the type of work, has been reserved to men, she played a pioneering role, soon finding herself in good company.

Believing in Merit

At the head of the entire geothermal area of Lake Boracifero, of 14 of the 35 EGP plants located in the geothermal district between the provinces of Pisa, Grosseto and Siena, there is Sara Montomoli.

With a degree in chemical engineering, she came to Enel in 2008, at just under thirty years old. She never expected to reach such an important position so quickly.

Tuscan geothermal energy is one of the jewels of Enel Green Power, and each year it celebrates overcoming its own records for production and efficiency. Sara and the team of 60 people working under her guidance are an essential part of this excellence.

“In this field, no two days are alike. The important thing is to face every eventuality with the right approach and the awareness that all problems can be worked out.”

– Sara Montomoli

Cooperation, personal commitment and responsibility. In Sara’s routine, in her way of working every day, we can see the same elements that are at the base of the vision that has allowed Enel Green Power to be a naturally inclusive business, ready to value diversity as well as merit, all year, for many years.