Greece: Young Female Engineers Are Growing

Published on Tuesday, 30 May 2017

“350 students, from 12 to 16 years old, participated in the “Women Engineers” programme, from the private schools Suore Orsoline and Pierce College in Athens.”

Meeting the Examples

The best way to find out about something new is to find someone that introduces you to it using their own direct experience. That’s why the core element of the programme is the participation of female engineers from Enel Green Power.

Three female engineers met the young students to talk about their professional experience: Stella Goulou, from the Business Development Division of EGP Hellas, and Penny Zafeiraki, from the Operation and Maintenance Division of EGP Hellas, and Konstantina Ntelmekoura  from the Engineering and Construction Division of EGP Hellas.

At a stage of growth of young people when questions and expectations about their professional future start to emerge, the “Women Engineers” programme is a simple and engaging way to teach students about a job that is often unfamiliar. They are encouraged to be curious and learn more about worlds like engineering and about technical and scientific sectors, which are often wrongly considered exclusive to boys.