Why EGP is Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity

Published on Monday, 22 May 2017

“77 projects in 14 countries on 4 continents, for a total of more than 12 million euros of investment. These are the numbers that show EGP’s commitment to global biodiversity.”

Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism

The United Nations made the link between the protection of flora and fauna and Sustainable Tourism the centre of International Day for Biological Diversity 2017, connecting directly to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals dedicated to the protection of ecosystems, forests and territories.

“The theme "Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism" is a chance to raise awareness about the important contribution of Sustainable Tourism, both in economic growth and in the conservation of Biodiversity.”

– United Nations

Protection of the land and responsible tourism are at the heart of Enel Green Power’s dedication at one of its historical sites: the geothermal district of Tuscany, in Italy.

In the vast area around Larderello, which saw the beginnings of the first plants for the transformation of steam from the earth into electricity more than a hundred years ago, we’ve built 35 plants that bring clean energy to the provinces of Pisa, Grosseto, Siena.

Alongside our industrial and technological commitment, we’ve also brought our attention for the protection of the environment and the enrichment of the territory, demonstrating that geothermal energy is an added value for Tuscany and a 360-degree asset.

For years, we’ve worked with institutions and local communities to form numerous projects: from the creation of the walking path “Geothermal & Vapour” which connects the towns of Sasso Pisano and Monterotondo, in support of the local companies using the Earth's steam to produce craft beer, vegetables and local cheeses.

“In 2016, more than 60,000 tourists visited the parks and the areas around the geothermal district of Tuscany.”

– Massimo Montemaggi, Head of Geothermal Energy, Enel Green Power

Renewables among pumas, eels and “emerald forests”

Every one of our plants is born, starting from the design phase on paper, with the clear intent to help with sustainable development of the communities and natural areas where they are located.

Less than ten years after our foundation, we can boast technological ability and an international reach that make us a global leader in the renewables sector.

Our geographical diversification has led us to get to know and interact with very distinct environments, traditions and ecosystems, from the Atacama Desert in Chile to the slopes of the Western Ghats of Maharastra in India to the Great Australian Bight.

“Our projects underway for the protection of biodiversity give a picture of our commitment to preserving natural treasures that are often unique and sometimes at risk.”

To tell EGP’s story, we can list our achievements in the development of solar and wind, our great tradition of hydroelectric and geothermal, but also the animal species protected and the days spent planting new trees and cleaning rivers.

Our travel companions towards the construction of a sustainable future are also the 141 animal specie that we protect in the Amazon rainforest, the Iberian lynxes in Spain and the eels of Sardinia (Italy).

We are at home in the “emerald forests” of Romania and in the Land of Many Trees – the meaning of Guatemala in the nahuatl language.

This is why we are celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity, because we are celebrating our home, the Earth, for which we spend resources and energy every day.