100 Volunteers Making Rome More Beautiful

Published on Tuesday, 13 June 2017

“A day of volunteering with colleagues, to create awareness in people working for EGP about safeguarding the environment and ecology, taking care of the common good and the areas where we work.”

At work together with Legambiente

Starting at 8:45 from the EGP headquarters in Viale Regina Margherita, the group of volunteers reached the city park together with the workers from the Legambiente chapter “Mondi Possibili”, with whom we organised the event.

For years, the Italian environmental association has made their experience and knowledge available to companies for special events, designing training and an orientation to volunteering for the employees of the companies involved. 

“Legambiente offered EGP a day dedicated to rubbish collection along the banks of the Aniene river, in the Ponte Vecchio Park.”

After a quick introduction to the day and to the history of the place, the volunteers were divided into teams and received park cleaning kits distributed by AMA Roma, the municipal company in charge of environmental services for the Italian capital. With just a few hours of work, the 100 volunteers had filled over one hundred bags of rubbish!

It’s only the beginning

For people working at EGP, days of volunteering dedicated to safeguarding the environment are a common occurrence in many countries where we work around the world, from North America, to Romania and to Mexico and Guatemala.

We decided to replicate this initiative in Italy as well, choosing the city of Rome as a pilot.

“9 June was not an isolated occasion. We plan to continue to work for the good of the capital, involving other associations as well.”

We want to continue to offer an active contribution to the areas where we work, returning the benefits and services that we receive from the community back to it.