Brazil and Mexico, Safety Champions

Published on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

“It’s been more than 410 days without accidents at Ituverava, the 254-MW photovoltaic plant in the state of Bahia, while at the Lapa solar farm (158 MW) we’ve been working without any accidents for more than 399 days. At Cristalândia, a 90-MW wind farm, there have been no accidents for more than 389 days.”

Safety on the job is an absolute priority for the Renewables Division of the Enel Group, which, since the day of its foundation, has been committed to achieving the ambitious goal of “Zero Accidents” through continuous training activities and the widespread diffusion of a safety culture that involves all the company’s workers around the world and the contractors collaborating at our worksites.

The numbers confirm the great work done so far, which goes beyond the MW of installed capacity and the new plants opened. Together with Brazil, Mexico is also recording unprecedented performance: we are the biggest operator in the country’s renewable energy sector, where we operate 728 MW (of which 675 MW are wind and 53 MW are hydroelectric). We’ve also recently launched the construction of Villanueva, a 754-MW solar photovoltaic plant that is the biggest under construction in the Americas and our largest solar project in the world.

“Despite the many projects launched and in progress, there have been no accidents in Mexico for 4,247 days, or eleven and a half years.”

An extraordinary achievement made possible by planning, skills and organisation, but especially by great teamwork and everyone’s commitment, because safety is the responsibility of each one of us.

This achievement is not a point of arrival, but an occasion to continue to improve: while on the one hand, Global Renewable Energies closed out 2016 with a significant reduction (of about 30% compared to 2015) in the accident frequency index (number of accidents per million hours worked) and 99% of plants completed the year without accidents, on the other hand, there is still significant room for improvement. 2017 must again feature us as champions of safety, not only in Mexico and Brazil, but in all the countries where we continue to bring clean energy.