The Race towards Green in Spain

Published on Friday, 9 June 2017

“The tender was launched by the Spanish government to help reach the national goal of covering 20% of energy consumption with renewable sources by 2020.”

We’re just getting started

The Spanish tender is a very important milestone for EGP, but there is still a lot to be do. The team worked at a fast pace for months, involving all departments and our Spanish colleagues at Endesa. The Group will invest about 600 million euros in the construction of wind capacity that will have to be done by 2019.

“A very intense year awaits us, in which we’ll have to obtain all the necessary permits and tackle any potential bureaucratic challenges. After that, construction will begin.”

– Massimiliano Tarantino, head of Business Development for the Middle East Area

EGP’s gives its usual dedication, whether a project is 5 or 500 MW. Winning 17 projects shows how much work has been done and and how much there still is to do.

“The credit for this success goes across all EGP divisions, from BD to Engineering, to Procurement and Valuation of AFC.”

– Andrea Panizzo, head of Business Development for Europe

Our Spanish spirit

EGP can count on a consolidated presence in Spain, where it operates about 1,675 MW of capacity, of which 1,618 MW is wind energy, 43 MW hydroelectric and 14 MW from other sources of renewable energy like solar and biomass. Our plants produce about 4 TWh of clean energy every year.

“Considering the importance Spanish market for the Group, we are looking forward to bringing these new renewable plants into operation, again bringing our global experience to Spain, a country where we started many years ago.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

Spanish renewables are coming out of a stalled period lasting several years, during which every project dedicated to clean energy production was basically stuck. Then the situation was unblocked and the EGP team got to work to participate and win the tender launched in recent months for a total of 3,000 MW.

“It was not easy to update projects whose development began in 2010, after things got stuck in 2013. A huge help came from the decades-long experience that EGP has gained around the world, an added value that has allowed us to be competitive.”

– Andrea Panizzo

The world aims for renewables

Europe is a living continent that continues to bet on clean energy. In the Old Continent, and also in many other countries in the world, so-called “grid parity” has been reached – the moment in which the energy produced from a renewable source has the same price as the energy available on the grid at market prices. Many nations are increasingly aiming at green energy and on an energy future based on renewables.

“The world has understood that renewables are the correct and economical replacement for thermal generation. A powerful transformation is in progress, which will change the global scene.”

– Andrea Panizzo

Our next global challenges

EGP continues to look at Europe with great interest and will soon participate in a wind tender in Russia expected toward the beginning of June. In addition to Northern Europe, we are also planning a tender for 300 MW of photovoltaic in Saudi Arabia in September, and we are also considering a wind tender in Turkey coming up soon.

“Beyond Europe, the Middle East is also starting to move: countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Israel are launching programmes on renewables.”

– Massimiliano Tarantino