The Plant that “Transforms” the Sun into Furniture and Toys

Published on Tuesday, 11 July 2017

“We gathered and distributed the wood to twenty different local organisations, four of which are composed solely of women, to be recycled creatively and usefully for the community.”

The wooden pallets have become, beds, tables, desks, ironing boards and various types of furniture. The schools involved in the project have used the wood for creative and educational activities with more than 230 students. A carpentry company increased its workshop spaces to employ more people so it can sell the furniture produced.

Not just installed capacity

The experience at Adams is an example of our method of immersing ourselves in the communities  where we work, in dialogue with the local communities about their particular needs.

“South Africa is a laboratory of examples and projects that demonstrate Enel Green Power’s model of Creating Shared Value.”

Near our Tom Burke solar plant, a few kilometres from the border between South Africa and Botswana, we’ve established a collaboration with the NGO Mothers2Mothers for an educational and preventative programme dedicated to more than 2000 young mothers and pregnant women affected by the HIV virus.

In the province of Eastern Cape, the location of the Nojoli wind farm, our first plant powered by wind in the Rainbow Nation, we’ve launched a programme to install prefabricated structures designed to bring internet connection and IT equipment to communities that are still excluded from digital services.

Adams, Tom Burke and Nojoli are plants that are able to produce clean energy, but that’s not all: they are examples of how we can help improve people’s lives by working with them every day to build a sustainable future together.