Turning Waste into Value

Published on Monday, 14 August 2017

“Together with local communities, we’ve turned waste materials into everyday objects: recycling bins, benches, garden furniture and parking signs. A project perfectly in line with our model of Creating Shared Value (CSV).”

Training for the future

As in other areas of the world, we’ve started a strong collaboration with local communities in Brazil to share innovative techniques for processing wood and to give new life to reusable materials.

In the Lapa solar plant, through a volunteering initiative involving our colleagues, we reused various wooden elements – pallets and boxes – and some metal beams to create new objects to be used at the worksite (covering structures, warning signs and much more) and in the nearby communities. We made furniture for schools, associations and other social structures, working with the Senai organisation to run professional training courses for 25 residents coming from the communities of Lapinha, Lagoa do Peixe and Araçá Volta.

“The local people understand the importance of reusing these pallets. All materials were placed inside a warehouse and, thanks to these training courses, they will be able to continue to build furniture and objects even when the works are finished.”

Italian Design at Ituverava

In the area around Ituverava, where there are many excess pallets and reels, our colleagues built furniture and toys. Furthermore, since 2016 several workshops have been started in collaboration with the Creative Recycling Factory, an Italian design company, to help the residents of Senhor do Bonfim.

To date, dozens of people have taken part in special training courses to reuse pallets and reels to create wooden houses, chairs and other furnishings that can also be sold to support the area’s economy. The courses will continue in 2017 to give residents the chance to learn new techniques for the design and processing of wood.