Panama: a Female Worksite

Published on Tuesday, 21 November 2017

“Ana Caballero, born in Panama City in 1989, is the first woman to fill the position of site manager in the history of Enel. ”

Ana studied Industrial Engineering Management at the University of the Isthmus. Enel Green Power was her first professional experience, first in the HR department and later in the E&C team that was building the Chiriquí Photovoltaic Solar Plant (Panama).

International Leap

After a successful experience as a civil supervisor at the Sol Real complex, a group of five photovoltaic plants located in the Panamanian provinces of Chiriquí and Coclé, she received her first international experience.

In May, 2017, she was appointed civil supervisor of Villanueva (Mexico), the largest photovoltaic solar plant under construction in America and the largest in the Enel world. 

“It was a very enriching experience. The culture of Mexico, its people... And a project as important as Villanueva, a milestone of the company around the world”

– Ana Caballero, site manager Estrella solar photovoltaic power plant

In just a few months, her good results made her worthy of a new opportunity: to be the Site Manager of Estrella Solar. A Site Manager is primarily responsible of building an energy plant. Ana says, “Emo Frosali, Enel Green Power’s construction manager in Mexico and Central America, gave me the good news: Estrella Solar had already been approved and I was offered to go back home, now as site manager. It is an honor for me to be entrusted with this responsibility. I am very excited. I will carry all Estrella’s responsibilities on my shoulders. I have learned from the best and I will apply all that knowledge to this project.”

The role of women in the world of construction

Ana begins this new phase aware that her example can inspire many other women. “In general, there are not many women in this profession. For example, in Villanueva, I was the only woman. But, together, we are transforming this situation. The women who are now in the construction sector are building a change, opening the way for us to become more and more.”

Enel, as a company, knows that the most important resource is the human resource. Sex, age or any other characteristic doesn’t matter.

“Here, women can grow professionally. I know that many other women will follow me in the future, and together, we will break myths about the construction industry: there’s room for everyone here”

– Ana Caballero

Ana closes our dialogue with these words: "I thank the support of my family, friends and colleagues, all the people who trusted me and helped me grow. They have taught me that with effort and God's help, we can overcome any adversity and achieve our goals.”