Solar energy, the innovation of EGP

Published on Thursday, 14 December 2017

“The algorithm of our STT calculates how to intervene on the positioning system of trackers in order to optimise their functioning and increase the productivity of photovoltaic modules.”

Comparing the efficacy of tracking the sun with trackers both with and without the use of STT, we see the advantage that this technological innovation involves in terms of plant productivity.

The results of prototype testing in Chile and Brazil demonstrated that significant improvements in plant energy productivity can be generated through the corrections made to the positioning system. We can quantify this improvement with an average annual production increase between 1% and 3%, compared to no corrections.

An Industrial Breakthrough

As Pasquale Guerrisi, head of the Technical Support unit, pointed out, the importance of the results achieved by the Solar Tracker Tester led us to turn the prototype into a real product and create the industrial version, with a new SW that will allow, in the same system, the installation of various autonomous acquisition units on board the trackers to simultaneously compare the behaviour of different sections of the plant.

“The new acquisition units will be equipped with internal memory, wireless communication and GPS for geo-localization. The data collected will be acquired and processed off-line by a single processing system.”

All future EGP photovoltaic plants that use tracking systems will be tested and optimised using the Solar Tracker Tester, bringing “made in Enel Green Power” innovation to five continents.