Chile, on the Frontier of Innovation

Published on Thursday, 4 January 2018

“It’s a plant with pioneering innovation based on a 125-kWp photovoltaic system, a 132-kWh lithium ion battery and a 450-kWh hydrogen storage system.”

– Daniele Consoli – Innovation Project Manager

Technology, hybridisation, sustainability

The plant is equipped with the most advanced technologies, in order to endure the hostile conditions in this corner of the southern hemisphere, which is made of desert, expanses of rocks and saltwater lakes. It is the perfect combination of technology, innovation and environmental sustainability.

The project created for the Cerro Pabellón base camp can function in both off-grid and on-grid modes and is managed by an advanced control system to optimise energy flows and to guarantee a constant supply clean energy.

The energy produced is completely emission-free, thanks to the innovative hybrid system of plug-and-play storage, which allows for easy integration with the photovoltaic plant.

“Thanks to the storage systems, we can guarantee grid stability and green energy supply 24/7, without having to use diesel generators.”

– Daniele Consoli – Innovation Project Manager

The project created at Cerro Pabellón is the most recent piece in the great mosaic of EGP innovation carried out in the field of storage systems integrated with renewable technology.

The combination of storage and renewables is at the heart of experiments underway in Italy, in Catania and Potenza Pietragalla, and for the Ginostra project, a small town located on the southwest side of the island of Stromboli, where we expect to build a 150-kW photovoltaic generation plant. Thanks to the integration with a hybrid storage hydrogen battery, evolved from what is used at Cerro Pabellon, it will be possible to cover almost all of the community’s energy needs.

“We’ve added a further piece to the integration between innovation and sustainability, which we at Enel call Innovability.”

– Gianluca Gigliucci – Head of Energy Storage Innovation