Renewing Argentina with Clean Energy

Published on Monday, 8 January 2018

“Countries like Brazil, Argentina and Chile are deeply committed to the transformation of their energy matrix, starting with a few advantages: the huge availability of resources and the presence of cutting edge regulatory systems”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO Enel Green Power

Today, only 2% of Argentina’s electricity generation is covered by renewable sources, but the Buenos Aires government has set the ambitious goal of increasing the percentage of clean energy in the national mix rapidly by approving a special law and launching the RenovAr programme.

Enel Green Power can count on Enel’s historical presence in the Latin American country and is one of the main players in the new green revolution that has just begun.

“Argentina is aiming to cover 8% of its energy consumption with renewables by 2018 and 20% by 2025.”

It’s Time for “RenovAr 2.0”

Argentina’s new green movement took another important step forward in the last days of 2017. On 20 December, 22 contracts were awarded for clean energy supply, for a total of 634 MW, marking the second stage of the public procurement programme on renewables called “Renovar 2.0”.

The Pampa wind plant (100 MW) that Enel Green Power will build in the province of Chubut, in the south of the country, is one of the most significant pieces of this second phase of the programme, through which the Buenos Aires government granted concessions to 88 projects for a total of 2043 MW. 

“Renewables serve to diversity the energy generation matrix of the country. Argentina has no reserve margin and therefore renewables can rapidly provide for the lack of energy that until now has been satisfied with imports from adjacent countries.”

– Maurizio Bezzeccheri, Country Manager for EGP in Argentina

Presenting the results of the RenovAr 2.0 assignments, the undersecretary for Renewable Energy, Sebastian Kind, underlined that “offers nine times higher than what was initially expected for this bid” were received, evidencing the close attention and competition generated by Argentina’s green choice.

“Homemade” Renewables

“The development of renewable energy is part of the future” said the Argentine president, Mauricio Macrì and the choice to mobilise 15 billion dollars in investments for the renewables sector in the next 8 years is a clear sign of the Latin American country’s very serious intentions.

To give shape to the country’s new energy paradigm, Argentina is also planning the creation of new high voltage transmission lines to adjust the distribution system.

“The last days of December, the Buenos Aires government also launched a decree that will allow users to generate and feed renewable energy into the public distribution grid”

Argentina is looking to clean sources to transform its energy mix, but that’s not all. From the development of wind, solar, biomass and hydropower, the country is also expecting to create about 9,000 jobs directly involved in the sector and another 3000 connected to satellite activities.

The Latin American country is at work to make its future cleaner and more sustainable. Enel Green Power is participating in the construction of this future by playing a key role in the great worksite for renewables, which now extends from the Andes to the Atlantic, from Pampa to Patagonia.