United States: Drone Innovation Improving Wind Energy

Published on Friday, 19 January 2018

“The results were excellent: 18-20 turbines inspected in a day instead of 4-5 using the traditional method. It gave us faster service with greater image quality.”

– Demetrio Malara, Innovation Manager Wind

Learning to Fly

The Autonomous Drones for Wind project is based on technological innovation, and it has immediate relevance for the professional growth of our team working at various wind plants in the USA.

“In conjunction with the testing and verification of equipment and solutions, our Operation & Maintenance (O&M) teams are being trained on the use of drones.”

The goal is to certify more drone pilots, and through the collective expertise of qualified O&M teams, EGP will be able to carry out fleet-wide wind turbine inspections in-house with autonomous drones.

Not Just Wind

Looking ahead, the experience and skills gained in the project underway in the USA will become a common asset for all EGP wind farms around the world, as well as with other technologies, including solar and hydropower.

“The Autonomous Drones for Wind project is a sign of EGP’s commitment to innovation, enabling us to move forward with the inspection of wind farms and other technologies.”

EGP is committed to being at the forefront of drone technology, enhancing our operations and maintenance activities at our plants across the country.