Villanueva, the community that sculpts its destiny

Published on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

“The enthusiasm of families when adopting this sustainable initiative have been extraordinary. The percentage of participation is very high and 28 families of the community have benefited from furniture for their personal use”

– Oscar Salcido, Sustainability Manager EGP for Mexico and Central America

The students of these workshops, led by a teacher who also lives in the same area and has great experience transforming wood, have converted what was previously waste into different objects of daily use: roofing for commercial and public areas, dining rooms, tables, entertainment centers and furniture for bedrooms.

The construction site of the present is sustainable

Same as all the sustainable initiatives of Enel Green Power, this initiative seeks to sow the seed that allows the empowerment of interest groups, contributing resources that strengthen their capabilities and promotes their autonomy through education. The success of Sustainable Artisans will be its evolution in the near future, so that the participating communities can provide carpentry services on their own.


“The construction site team is proud to promote these sustainable initiatives. We developed specific plans alongside the communities, understanding their needs and with the objective of generating shared benefits”

– Belarmino Ramirez, Site Manager of Villanueva.

Wood Seeds is an activity that follows the methodology of the Sustainable Construction Sites of Enel Green Power, a process that allows globally sharing a series of the best practices around three pillars: waste management, economic benefits and reduction of CO2 emissions.

It is one more example of the commitment that Enel Green Power has, since its inception, to work respecting fundamental principles such as environmental protection, the rational use of resources and attention to the needs of local communities.