EGP and World Water Day

Published on Thursday, 22 March 2018

At the heart of sustainable development

Water is also at the heart of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Number 14 concerns the aquatic biodiversity, number 6 is the commitment to ensuring access to clean water and sanitation services for all the world’s population.

Committed to achieving the SDGs, we have created and are carrying out various projects to guarantee the safeguarding of water as well as access to drinkable water for those that do not have it.

The many examples of projects and initiatives taken from recent experience include the adoption of warka water systems to give stable access to clean water to members of the rural community in Hotazel, near our Adams photovoltaic plant South Africa, the introduction of solutions for the cleaning of volcanic sediments and rubbish from the waters of the Río Samalá at the El Canada hydropower plant in Guatemala, as well as cooperation with the communities of San Juan de Marcona, on the Peruvian coasts of the Pacific, for the promotion of sustainable fishing.

It’s a constant effort that brings together care for the environment and water with the creation of shared value for the communities and territories where we work.

A sea of innovation

Faithful to our vision, which unites sustainability and innovation, we’ve pursued a path of development for new technologies for our hydropower activities.

In the year 2017 and this year, we have also launched projects to bring renewables and our technological knowledge to the ocean: for example, our research to generate energy with the sea underway at the Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center (MERIC), as well as the challenge of the Enel Green Power Class 40.

The Andrea Fantini team's boat, which will become 100% eco-power thanks to smart solutions, solar technologies and storage systems to use only renewable energy, is further proof of our way of looking at water as a precious resource and experiencing the sea in a completely innovative and sustainable way.