EGP calls to action the Innovators to “Clean” the Air of the Bogotá River in Colombia

Published on Tuesday, 24 April 2018

“Our attitude to open innovability allows us to work with anyone who has winning ideas to respond to the challenge of the Bogotá River.”

A New Future for the River

The Paraíso and Guaca plants help give clean energy to the department of Cundinamarca, which is located around the Colombian capital and has more than two and a half million residents.

The water system produces renewable energy by capturing the waters of the Bogotá River through three pumping stations that feed the Muña basin, which the two hydropower plants draw from.

The cadena Pagua suffers from the river’s pollution, as does the territory and the communities that live on the banks of the river. The Muña basin must especially deal with miasmas of sulphuric acid (H2S).

“At various points in the Muña basin, the emission rates of odours generated by the gases are very high: the periodic measurements taken by our technicians show emission levels of H2S between 8.0 and 52.5 (μg/m3).”

The Victory of Sustainability

We are searching for innovators – individuals, start-ups or companies – able to find the most effective solution for abating emissions and fumes produced by rubbish in the Muña basin.

This contest is also an opportunity to share Enel Green Power’s commitment to achieving two of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the UN: Clean water and sanitation (SDG 6) and Sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11).

Up for grabs is a prize of €5,000, which will be awarded to the winning entry, according to the conditions specified in the contest rules.

For further information on the challenge, visit the Open Innovability platform.