Bungala Solar One: EGP switches on the Australian sun

Published on Tuesday, 5 June 2018

“The inputting of electricity into the grid happened 18 days earlier than scheduled and is part of the commissioning process for the plant, leading up to its full coming into operation, expected at the end of 2018.”

Made up of two separate plants, Bungala Solar One and Bungala Solar Two, the plant’s electricity will be sold to more than 80,000 Australian households by the utility Origin Energy, with whom we’ve signed a long-term power Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

“The entire Bungala Solar plant will have an installed capacity of 275 MW and will generate 570 GWh a year.”

For EGP, the Bungala Solar challenge is the first experience Down Under and was made possible by a joint venture with the Dutch Infrastructure Fund

“We are proud to offer our experience to help with the development of renewables in Australia with Bungala Solar, the largest “ready to build” solar park in the country.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of EGP

The entire Bungala Solar complex – 820,000 panels on 600 hectares of land – is designed to use the most modern innovations in solar energy.

On the 300 hectares of Bungala Solar One, commissioning is planned for 420,000 polycrystalline photovoltaic modules installed on mono-axial solar trackers that follow the path of the sun and optimize energy production. 

The “Green” Desert of Australia

The arid and flat territories in the heart of Australia are ideal for building plants that create clean and renewable energy.

There is plenty of sun and wind in South Australia. The desert area extends toward the southwest area of the country, to Nullarbor Plain, located between the Great Victoria Desert and the Indian Ocean.

“With Bungala Solar, we’ve entered a country that combines the best features of developed and developing economies at the same time: a low risk profile country associated with interesting demographic and economic growth prospects.”

– Vincenzo Argentieri, Head of Business Development East Asia for EGP

The availability of renewable sources has led the government to aim for 23.5% green energy in the national energy mix, to be reached by 2020.

Bungala Solar is the first chapter of our story in Australia and a contribution to the path that can lead the country to be increasingly low carbon and sustainable through renewables.