Open Africa: Traveling to See the New Energy of Africa

Published on Thursday, 17 August 2018

“I know Africa very well because I’ve visited for professional reasons for over twenty years. In the last few years, I’ve started to see profound changes: economies that are starting to function, civil societies that grow. Our idea was to show a different Africa because energy is the first way to create real change in the lives of people.”

– Riccardo Venturi – Photojournalist

In Africa, Enel Green Power is in the front lines to foster the electrification and sustainable development of the entire continent, and it’s now the main private operator in the renewables sector for MW installed, with a stable presence in South Africa, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Morocco.

And since energy has a fundamental impact on the lives of people, EGP’s activities on the continent always work on two closely connected fronts: on one hand, technology, with the development of new and innovative plants, and on the other, Creating shared value (CSV) projects, aimed at improving the lives of the population.

African Sustainable Development

The images of Open Africa show, with power and efficacy, the change underway on the continent, which is gradually creating its specific recipe for sustainable development.

From farmers that use smartphones to find out prices of food goods and compare them on the market, to young people creating new businesses, Africa is in the middle of a phase of economic growth, determined by its specific characteristics, including that of energy efficiency.

“The entire world is in a phase of great change and the energy sector is a clear expression of all this. Looking at Africa today, it’s possible to understand that the changes underway in the energy sector can be received in a new way, an “African way”, that can be new and different, based on increasingly sustainable development.”

– Lorenzo Colantoni, Journalist

The Open Africa journey shows us a continent that, thanks to energy, is rapidly creating its version of modernity. Energy that Enel Green Power plans to continue to offer thanks to renewable sources, moving along the path of sustainable development together with African countries.