Chile: The Renewable energy Revolution for sustainable development is EGP Brand

Published on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Antonio Cammisecra, CEO Enel Green Power and Fabrizio Buizza, Deputy Site Manager Los Cóndores.

“The basin is very important, because of its contribution to both EGP and national hydropower production, so it’s essential to manage it efficiently, keeping costs under control and, even more importantly, running it in total safety. Plus, it’s in a marvellous place, close to the Andes and the Laguna del Maule, a fantastic place; and we must maintain these places as they are, without affecting their equilibrium. We are aware of this and determined to do it.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO Enel Green Power

To the east of the basin, not far from the border with Argentina, there is the Pehuenche plant. With 570 MW of installed power, it provides a sixth of the hydroelectric power in the country from EGP, equal to 3,557 MW. 

“This is still a fairly young plant, but I am very satisfied with how things are going here. I could also perceive the strong sense of family the plant’s team has achieved. That’s not to be taken for granted and is a value that should be nurtured, as it helps improve the work of each of us.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO Enel Green Power

The Renewable Energy of Los Cóndores hydropower plant

Also along the Maule River, but further downstream, where the Andes give way to the plains, you can find the construction site for the Los Cóndores hydropower plant.

Once completed, the plant will have an installed capacity of 150 MW and will produce 630 GWh each year. Los Cóndores is one of EGP’s most important projects in Chile and, considering the environmental conditions, also one of the most complex.

Los Cóndores is built in one of the most delicate places in Chile. This is why EGP has enacted a series of actions to mitigate the impact of its worksite: we’ve safeguarded the local flora and fauna and promoted the cultural sites, an asset returned to everyone. 

“Despite the difficulties and the complexity of this project, there is pride for what we are doing, for the care of the environment, respect for people and communities that live in the territories where we work, and the sense of belonging to a large company.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

Whether it’s hydropower or geothermal, solar or wind, EGP is in the front lines in Chile to foster the country’s energy transition toward renewable sources. A green revolution happening with total respect for this special land.